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Thank you for helping us cat

First Annual CATinental Breakfast

Saturday, July 16th, 10:00am to 11:30am, Alton Baker Park, Shelter 2, West Coast Dog and Cat Rescue will celebrate our Volunteers.

We will provide Pastries, Coffee, Tea, Juice, Fruit and Fun!!  Come with your smile and your imagination.

Please RSVP by clicking on this link.

Vote for Volunteer of the Month of July is now closed.

Please help us next month and nominate 1 or more people for our Volunteer of the Month.  Your nominations are anonymous and will be tallied and forwarded to the Board of Directors for a decision at the July Board meeting.

Thank you so much.

Robert McIntosh, Interim Volunteer Coordinator

List of Past Volunteers to be Recognized

All of you are special. Obviously, without you West Coast Dog and Cat Rescue wouldn’t exist. We do recognize one or more volunteers for extraordinary contributions on a monthly basis. We have only been keeping a history of this since 2014 but we thought it appropriate to list them out for you.

Lyllian Breitenstein – 2014
Beth Swanson – 2014
Irene Beltzer – 2014
Norma King – 2014
Julie Mason – 2014
Gail Zadakis 12/14 (Vol of Year)
Sharon Kimble 12/14 (Vol of Year)
Jimi Vickers – 2/15
Sharon Trigg – 2/15
Judy Potter – 3/15
Martha Scofield – 3/15
Louanne Koch – Spring 2015
Mannie Minner – 4/15
Tarah Campi – 4/15
Julie Tanit – 6/15
Alena Vasques – 6/15
Rob McIntosh – 7/15
Aven Wright-McIntosh – 7/15
Allison Baker – 7/15
Danielle Jackson – 9/15
Donna Halker – 10/15
Darcy Belshaw – 12/15
Tina Sue Ferkey – 1/16
Beth Swanson – 3/16
Christina Drumm – 4/16
Melissa Pletcher – 5/16
Sarah Nyburg – 6/16

Volunteer Appreciation Week Begins


Volunteer Survey – Results are in!

Today is the first day of National Volunteer Week! Your week.

Congratulations! and thank you for all that you do.

Every day this week we will post a small token of our appreciation. So come back every day and check it out.

Today, I want to thank you for participating in the Volunteer Survey and tell you just a bit about the results.

We had 129 responses and received some very valuable information. Overall, the tone of your responses was very positive. You also had some great ideas and constructive comments.

One very telling response was regarding the question “Where did you first hear of West Coast Dog and Cat Rescue?”

The #1 response, by far, was at the adoption centers from other volunteers. And #2 was word of mouth.

Also interesting were results to the question “What can we do to show more appreciation?” Many, many people said “Working with and finding loving homes for the kitties is all the reward I need.” This warms my heart. In fact, every time I see a photo of an adopter with their new kitty, it makes all the effort worth it.

Thank you again for all that you do and remember, check back here as we’re going to post the winners of the Amazon gift card drawing for survey participants.

Robert McIntosh, Interim Volunteer Coordinator


Drawing Winners announced

Dear Volunteers,

As promised, today is the day!!  A few weeks ago as most of you know, we conducted a survey of any and all volunteers we could find, past, present and future. We also threw in a little incentive of a drawing, for four $25 gift cards.

Before I reveal the drawing winners I want all of you to know, you are all winners!  Because of you, many abandoned cats would be without care and the love that every animal deserves. You all make it possible, from intake through adoption, and all the steps in between.

Drum roll please!

Here are the four $25 Amazon gift card winners. I will contact you via email with instructions on how to redeem your prizes. Congratulations and thank you for taking the survey.

  • Jasmine Prevost
  • Ronelle Kuhnhenn
  • Marianne DeLuna
  • Trudy Lyne

Don’t be disappointed if you didn’t win. In fact, tune in Thursday.  We have a super-secret secondary unpublished drawing for unnamed prizes.

Rob McIntosh, Interim Volunteer Coordinator


Super-secret Secondary Unpublished Drawing


OK so here’s what I talked about on Tuesday.  Our super-secret secondary unpublished drawing for previously unnamed prizes.

We decided that after such an overwhelming response to the volunteer survey that 4 winners out of 129 respondents just wasn’t enough.  So… we are going to award an additional 12 randomly chosen participants to a cup of coffee, or a latte, or banana bread or a muffin or whatever the heck you choose.

Here are the super-secret secondary unpublished drawing winners for previously unnamed prizes.

  • Lucinda Henderson
  • Margo Fulton
  • Debbie Rauch
  • Leslie Earl
  • Christina Drumm
  • Kimbala Bender
  • Emily Hommerding
  • CeCe Cullmer
  • Darcy Belshaw
  • Tina Ferkey
  • Roxanne Jensen
  • Melissa Pletcher

You will each receive a $10 Starbucks card via email.  A small token with a lot of appreciation behind it.

Happy Volunteer Appreciation Week!

Robert McIntosh, Interim Volunteer Coordinator